Mr. Sze's TIK20 Wiki


Welcome to Mr. Sze's TIK20 Wiki!

So, why do we have a wiki? Many students learn differently. Because of this, our Wiki provides a new way for students to learn the information at their own pace. Not only this, but it acts as a wonderful resource for anyone in the class.

For each topic we cover in class, there will be a Wiki page for. Some topics are large enough that they need to be broken down into sub-categories.

Topics Covered

As we go through the course, this wiki will be updated, and more sections will be added.
Keep coming back, and there will be more stuff!

How to edit pages

To find out how to edit pages, click on "How to edit pages?" on the menu to the left, to check out this page.

How to find topics

To find a topic you can:

  • select one from the "Topics Covered" list above
  • choose via the "tag cloud" on the menu to the left
  • use the TIK20 Menu Navigator at the top
  • or search for what you're looking for on the search page.


The disscussion forum can be found here. Any questions, comments, or concerns can be voiced here.

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